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with Anthony Scorcia

Celebrating golf on Long Island one listener at a time, be sure to tune in each week, on your way to the golf course as host Anthony Scorcia brings you the very latest in the world of golf, with an emphasis on golf here on Long Island. The show features a variety of topics, including:


Golf News: Professional and local tournament recaps; news headlines–what people are talking about in the golf industry.

Tips from the Pros: Weekly tips to help people with their golf game.

Guests: Playing professionals, teaching professionals, leading amateurs, local HS team players, industry insiders, merchants, coaches and others.

Featured Golf Course: While the mainstay will feature golf courses on Long Island, popular courses throughout the metropolitan area and the United States will also be featured from time to time.

Product Reviews / Merchants Corner: Discussions with local merchants talking about latest and greatest golf related products.

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